Name: Tammy Williams

Job Title: General Manager / Property Manager

Mobile: 0439 889 213


Tammy for a period of 8 years was the Managing Director of a very reputable cleaning company which was responsible for the cleaning contracts for multiple Mantra, BreakFree & privately run resorts across the Gold Coast.

Tammy is very fastidious about the standards she requires from her team and the quality of what they produce. “Excellence is not something to strive for it is something to be maintained". :) I love what I do and I want that to show through the quality of my work."

Tammy's recent past work history has included building manager for a number of residential and holiday resorts across QLD and NSW. Tammy has experience in implementing front and back office operating procedures for those resorts and also personally training all staff from the cleaners to the office managers.

“I wouldn't ask someone to do something I was not willing to do nor able to do myself, it is important to me to know all the operations of my business and be able to step into any role at any time it may be required"

Tammy is a highly motivated individual with a proactive approach to her managing style, and who has a proven work report as a highly efficient and effective manager.

Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002

Licence No: 20032472

Dsc00724  2